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Upton’s and The Bunker stores are stockists of corrugated zincalume roofing. For any non-set lengths or ColourBond colours we will order in store as needed. Poly Carb roofing products are stocked in some stores and can be ordered into all stores when needed. weather it is the sheeting or the structural sections of your roofing project we can get what you need.

Different suppliers are used at each store so please contact your nearest store for pricing and availability.



We supply Corodek® which has a traditional roofing profile and is a multipurpose roofing and cladding sheeting that is the preferred choice for domestic applications.

Corodek® is high tensile steel, corrugated roofing and wall cladding manufactured from 0.35mm*, 0.42mm and 0.48mm BMT COLORBOND® steel and ZINCALUME®steel or galvanised steel. Corodek® can be custom cut and comes in a range of COLORBOND® steel colours.

Poly-carbonate & fibreglass ROOFING

Profiled polycarbonate sheet is an outstanding roofing material that offers superior physical properties. SunSky is favoured by professionals for noncorrosive industrial structural roofing and siding, and by homeowners for a multitude of DIY applications, due to its high impact strength and wide service temperature range. SunSky’s high light transmission and unlimited range of profiles allow it to integrate as a high quality rooflight into any roofing profile. SunSky is also available in a wide variety of colors.

The Bunker and Upton’s stores can order in any type of polycarbonate roofing product, some stores keep set length and color sheets in stock. if you are looking for a specific color or profile product please contact your nearest store for stock availability and price.

poly-carbonate roofing



The Upton’s and Bunker stores carry some set length steel C section and Top Hat products to build roofing structures. We can also order in set length and size products to fit your purpose and to save you on off cut waste as all of these products can be ordered in store at any length.

We also stock structural RHS products for up right support posts for under your roof.

Steel Framing
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