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The Upton group invested heavily in sourcing and supplying quality timber windows and doors more than 25 years ago and has now brought together Aluminium and Timber Doors and Windows under the Shield Brand.

Shield Doors and Window carries a large range of Double Glazed Aluminium Windows and doors in standard sizes and produces custom sizes to suit. In addition a select range of timber doors and window componenty is produced through our Hobart store and distributed through our other mainland stores.

Timber windows and doors built to suit your requirements.

Focusing on stock standard sizes allows Shield to bring to the market quality windows and doors at great prices.

Shield Doors and Windows while operating independently from Uptons Timber and Bunker Plywood sites can supply materials directly from these businesses so give us a call for any of your building needs.

aluminium door


As energy costs continue to rise and environmental awareness and sensitivity become increasingly important, there has been a marked move towards double-glazing as an efficient, cost-effective method for reducing the energy consumption of new and existing homes. As more than 40% of heating and cooling energy is lost through doors and windows, improving thermal efficiency has a direct impact on the the energy use of your home. This results in an increase in comfort as temperature variance is reduced, as well as a reduction in annual heating and cooling costs.

SHIELD doors and windows has emphasised the importance of energy efficiency by offering only double glazed products with emphasis placed on
thermally improved aluminium frames.



Sliding doors are an economical, functional, low maintenance choice for door openings. The SHIELD range of double glazed sliding doors provides these qualities improving energy performance and reliability from a market-leading sliding door.

SHIELD sliding doors are available in both standard sizes (see size charts) and custom sizes. Our standard range allows for openings up to 3.6 metres wide and custom doors can be produced up to 6 metres.

SHIELD sliding doors can also be produced in different heights to fit both new and existing builds.

We also have available two ranges of doors, our high quality standard or premium offer. Our premium range has a commercial square profile with an integrated sliding flyscreen system and is produced with a 12mm argon gas filled gap.

  • Economical, low maintenance aluminium profile
  • Double glazed configurations with 9mm argon gas sealed units
  • Available in single (two-panel), stacking (three-panel), twin (centre opening four panels) or twin stacking (centre opening six panels) solutions
  • Corner gasket sealing
  • Twin dual sealed ball bearing rollers for superior smooth panel action are housed within high quality cassettes
  • Flyscreen solutions available on all doors.
sliding aluminium door installed in home


SHIELD’s signature bi-fold doors known for their functionality, stylish presentation, superb quality that bring the outdoors in and the indoors out.

The SHIELD range of bi-fold door settings are developed with the user in mind, combining the advantages of bi-fold settings within standard sizes to allow for a cost effective folding door solution.

Employing a ‘semi-commercial’ profile with heavy-duty hardware, SHIELD bi-fold doors have been designed with longevity in mind.

In addition a low maintenance design, bi-fold doors use an energy efficient glazing configuration with argon gas filled units to offer end users high performing units.

  • Silicon wet seal gives more durable design
  • Multiple sizing and door configurations to suit almost all patio openings
  • Commercial inspired design for increased resilience and minimal maintenance
  • Multiple sealing points for weather exposed settings
  • 12mm argon gas gap glazing configuration for increased energy efficiency
  • A rebatable bottom sill allows an obstruction free view
  • Available in standard sizes from 1.8 to large 5.4 metre openings
bifold doors open


A durable low maintenance solution designed with energy efficiency in mind. Paired with various window combinations, French and Entry doors can accommodate nearly all openings.

French settings allow an easy access dual door opening that provides straight forward easy fly screening solutions. Standard models are produced to open externally, but the French doors can also be customised to open internally, and combine easily with various windows settings to produce a customised opening.

Entry doors are a popular choice for external openings onto balconies, patios and back openings. With a standard single opening, entry doors – like French doors – can be paired with various window settings to developed customised door openings.

  • Silicon wet seal gives more durable design
  • Custom sizes are also available
  • Semi-commercial inspired frame design allows for durable, low maintenance door opening
  • Extra heavy-duty hinges
  • 12mm argon gas units allow increased energy efficiency
  • Keyed lock solution
french door and entry doors




SHIELD sliding windows are a popular choice, offering excellent ventilation in a cost-effective window solution.

SHIELD’s range of double glazed sliding windows form the backbone of the shield range. Valued for their economical design and excellent ventilation, double glazed sliding windows are the optimal choice.

With a silicon sealed standard glazing configuration comprised of a 9mm argon gas gap, sliding windows are still able to achieve high-energy efficiency.

Sliding windows can also be customised to suit bushfire areas through the use of different glazing and screening options.

  • Silicon wet seal gives more durable design
  • Low maintenance profile design
  • Dual, twin ball bearing rollers
  • Slimline profile for unobstructed views
  • Gasket corner seals for superior weather protection
  • 4mm safety class – 9mm argon gas gap – 4mm safety glass glazing configuration as standard
  • Flush locking system for superior security Anti-lift sash for security
sliding double glazed windows


Bi-fold windows are a popular choice for kitchen openings, as they allow large servery openings onto patios.

  • Multiple locking and sealing points for a secure weatherproof design
  • Energy efficient double glazed 4mm safety glass – 12mm argon gas gap – 4 mm safety glass glazing configuration as standard
  • Heavy-duty commercial inspired design for increased durability and low maintenance operation
  •  Rebatable track system for low profile bottom track


SHIELD’s range of fixed windows can be customised to suit all openings.


Designed to meet standards for use in bushfire prone areas, SHIELD’s range of casement windows offers consumers excellent ventilation, secure locking and the option of external screening.

bifold windows


SHIELD’s range of awning windows are valued for their stylish European look and energy efficient design.

SHIELD’s range of awning windows are available in a wide variety of sizes and configurations, and can be customised to suit any opening. An elegant European design displaying mitred corners and a simple push out sash system gives SHIELD’s range of awning windows a prominent place in the market.

  • Silicon wet seal gives more durable design
  • Resilient thermally improved profile design for increased energy efficiency and durability
  • Mitred corners for aesthetic clean design
  • Push out sash lock system based on European design
  • Energy efficient double glazed 4mm safety glass – 12mm argon gas gap – 4mm safety glass glazing configuration as standard with custom configurations also available
  • Dual locking mechanism for increased security and superior sash sealing
  • Retractable flyscreen options available
double glazed awning windows
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